"Ever Beckoning Wild and Free, the Call of the Wind, the Song of the Sea.."

Studying at the Malvern School of Art & The London Jewellery School, I decided to follow a dream and established ‘Mermaid's Grave’ Jewellery in 2014. 

A combined love and obsession for the sea & the wild and whimsical, added with a fascination for the dark & mysterious have inspired the themes that make these collections unique. 

Mermaid's Grave Jewellery is handcrafted in Worcestershire, England using hand tools and traditional methods. The materials predominantly used are 9carat and 18carat gold, sterling silver and brass and ethically sourced gemstones where possible.

My style is raw, organic, eclectic and 'undone'. Each piece is carefully made by hand, celebrating its irregularities unique to the wearer. 

Each trinket I create is a prayer of love to the Sea.